Test ProPeller

Test Pro­Pel­ler is a ICT ser­vice com­pa­ny specia­lized in softwa­re tes­ting and qua­li­ty assu­rance. The aim of the com­pa­ny is to have the best pos­sible softwa­re qua­li­ty by as effec­ti­ve tes­ting as pos­sible. Even though the com­pa­ny itself is young, the tes­ting expe­rience of the com­pa­ny is very long. We prac­tice pas­sio­na­te work with plea­su­re and joy and we are proud of an error-pro­ne IT sys­tem. We do know how to ensu­re the qua­li­ty and func­tio­na­li­ty of the sys­tem. Plea­se, tell us what softwa­re tes­ting you need. We will deli­ver it.